Kraken is a large shop with a variety of goods at various prices. Like any other marketplace, has its advantages, due to which the number of users increases daily, as well as its disadvantages, which make you wonder whether you should go to this site or not.

The main advantages of the Kraken anonymity, security and isolation from the ubiquitous centralized World Wide Web, which requires access to all sites through global social media accounts. In common parlance often are presented as a haven for all kinds of online criminals, scammers, cultists and other eccentrics, but this is only half the truth. Marketplace attracts users who are tired of the noise and garbage of the global network, who want to have small, intimate communities and value the security of their personal data. The Kraken is full of people who discovered free online trading long before monopolies like Google came along and yearn for the days when social media was replaced by forums and chat rooms, when anonymity was easily accessible.

The main disadvantages of Kraken are low connection speed and the need to learn use specialized software. Data is transmitted over long chains from one node to another, so the loading time of pages and files is much longer than in the browsers we are used to on the regular Internet. At first, a slow connection to the site can be very annoying for the user, especially if you are used to the fact that the Internet flies, but to this too can be adjusted. Another issue is the use of special programs to access the dark web and in particular to the site. To access the dark web, a special Tor browser is used. Not only is it difficult to use for beginners, but there are also problems with downloading and installing them. In many countries, including Russia, there are a lot of fake installation files that are dangerous for users and their devices. Therefore, it is necessary to install TOR for Kraken only from the official site. Don't forget to use the official mirror links